“I knew how to ride a motorcycle before I learnt how to ride a bicycle”

BORN: 24.03.1999
HEIGHT: 187 cm
WEIGHT: 73 kg
LIVING IN: Bochum, Germany
LANGUAGES: English, German, Croatian

I am a professional motorcycle racer from Croatia, currently living in Germany. Alongside my father I was attending races since I was born and naturally I started riding bikes at the age of just 3 years. I could already ride my first bike PW50 before I knew how to keep the balance on a bicycle. My goal and dream is to become world champion and I am completely devoted and dedicated to it. In the public I am mostly known as SpiderMartin and noticed by my agressive riding style as well as hard racing. My mentality is to never be satisfied and always hungry for more, I believe that is the only way you can improve and become better.